About SDG


SDG is the music ministry of Dan Meredith. SDG stands for the Latin – Soli Deo Gloria – Alone to God be the Glory.

SDG Music Ministry exists to spread the Gospel by providing professional quality music ministry at no charge. Our policy is never to ask for money in any way. Many non-Christians are suspicious of the Gospel message because they fear the messenger is just another salesman. You can be sure when you listen to a song or hear a message from Dan that he is not trying to “sell” you anything. He is simply sharing the love of Jesus and His message of salvation.

As a college student in March 1982, Dan gave his heart to the Lord. Returning home for summer break, he wanted to share his new faith with as many people as possible. On June 20, 1982, with the encouragement of his pastor, Dan presented a concert of classical and contemporary Christian music with personal testimony. The ministry was born that evening. From there, other churches began to invite Dan to share. Now, 4 decades later, SDG Music Ministry is online with nearly 400,000 song downloads with at least one in every country of the world.

To make it possible for us to distribute music without charge, we have done away with traditional CD packaging and marketing. This website was created as an economical way to make the music available to all who wish to hear it. We pray that its message will worship the Lord and encourage your heart.

If you would like to help, there are two things you can do for us:

1. SPREAD THE WORD! Please share this website with your friends – especially those who need to hear the Gospel.

2. PRAY FOR US! Please join the SDG Prayer Team. Contact us through the “Contact SDG” page for details.



All of our music is available for free download. To access the music, visit the “Music Downloads” page. Right-click on the song title to download. You can use software like Apple Computer’s free “iTunes” to listen on your computer or make audio CD’s. (Click HERE to download iTunes)

The music is free to download and you are encouraged to share it with others or give them our web address and they can download for themselves. We do retain copyright on all of this music and while it may be freely shared, it may not be sold.

In addition to MP3 downloads, album covers and lyric sheets for are available for you to download and print.

We also have sheet music for many of our songs available to download. Just click “Sheet Music” above.