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From K.G.

“Your music has been an inspiration to me all my life. Thank you for what you do, and all glory be to God Amen!”

From K.L.

“Your music/ministry… was uplifting, challenging, “spot-on” – and came from the heart.”

From L.P.

“I have been listening to your CD all week as inspiration, and have found myself quite moved and overcome with emotion.  The song “Engraved” is one of my ultimate favorites.  It literally brought me to tears, as I reflect on my own relationships…especially my relationship with God.”

From K.G.

“I was looking for praise and worship music. I happened to find your music and I am inspired! I love the sound, and the genuine feeling that you carry over. I love to listen while I am working!”

From V.G.

“Wow, thanks for the terrific CD! I will always treasure it. I listened to it last night and played it again this morning during my devotional time. I will use it often in that manner.”

From L.W.

“I just want to say THANK YOU so much for coming and sharing your ministry with us. It was a true blessing to me. You have a true gift from God in writing songs as well as the playing and singing of those songs. God bless you and the ministry you do.

From n.b.

“Found your music on []. My wife loves your music too. I am a Jewish brother in our Messiah Yshua. The God of Abraham and Israel will bless you, I bless you by the God of my fathers, the God of our Savior Yshua. Regards.”


“My children and myself like your songs very much. I feel your song “Teach Me, O Lord” is really inspired by the Holy Spirit”


“I have been enjoying the music and taking in the words. They are spiritual nourishment during a tough time in my life.”


“I have down loaded all of your music to my MP3 player. I go to the gym 3 times a week. So now I can worship the Lord and be edified as I ride the stationary bike or pump a little iron.”


“I wanted to let you know that so many people were blessed by the music you used for worship during your week at camp. [One camper told his mother] he HAD to download several of your songs. Several others (both adults and youth) have mentioned how much they enjoyed and were ministered to by your music!”


“That was a nice song to listen to (Joy, Peace and Love), good playing and singing. A very meaningful song and I hope many… listen to it. Thank you for sharing this song. Keep up the excellent work and I hope you make more songs like this.”


“Each day, as I sat writing, researching and editing, I had your music playing in the background. Your gift helped me stay focused to the task at hand. So again, thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord and Savior. You have greatly blessed my life.”


“…Your song “Soli Deo Gloria” is part of our regular repertoire, as well as part of the repertoire of one of our other praise groups… Thanks again for a great song.”


“You are indeed a blessing from God. The worship times were extra special because of your music. Now, here you are blessing us with these recordings. I can assure you we will be playing them frequently.”


“God has given [Dan] the gifts to not only unite words and music in a song that communicates the love of God… but a compelling voice to present the Good News as well.”


“Thank you, Dan, for your beautiful, inspiring music! I could barely keep from crying during “Gentle Savior.” What a moving and inspirational song! It is truly a blessing!”


“Without your message I would never have rededicated myself because that evening I realized that I was taking a stand against God and I want to be on the right side.”