Biblical Creation

Dan has over 20 years experience as a speaker and teacher on the subject of creation and evolution. He has given seminars and presentations to people of all ages, elementary through adult. He is known for his humor and engaging style.

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In the Beginning, God… or nothing? Six days or Billions of Years? Was there a global flood? Dinosaurs, Rock Layers, Distant Star Light, Fossil Record, Mutations, Missing Link, What does Scripture say? What has Science proven? Can a “real scientist” believe the Bible?

Why does this subject matter to the Bible-believing Christian?

The Bible teaches that the World was created in perfection, that Death entered the World through Sin (Romans 5:12) and that the Lord will return to restore perfection (Acts 3:20-21). Many Christians have abandoned belief in a literal 6 day creation because it is assumed that an “ancient” universe has been definitively proven by science. In fact, there is much observable science to support a “recent” creation (less than 10,000 years ago.) The ministries listed below are staffed by scientists with advanced degrees and PhDs in various areas of science who present data that supports a creationist worldview.

We affirm the faith of our fellow believers who hold to an “old Earth” view of scripture. But we encourage all believers to come to that view from interpreting scripture, not from trying to shoe-horn atheistic, evolutionary science into scripture. As supported by the evidence presented below, it is not necessary to do so.

Here are some specific video clips that I often use in creation presentations:

Job’s Leviathan –

Creation Days –

Dinos in the Bible – 

Our Young Universe –

Blue Stars –

Languages –

Chinese Pictographs –

Pain and Suffering –

Noah’s Ark –

Race –